In this program, the dog learns to come out in front of the would-be criminal, to growl at him, to bark at him, preventing him from fighting with us. He also learns to attack at our command.

In this training we must know that not all dogs can respond. The criteria that such a dog must have depend on its character, its temperament, which have to do mainly with its ancestors.

Our goal in this program is to boost the dog's confidence and to express defensive and aggressive behaviors with confidence.

The presence of the owner is necessary during these courses. A prerequisite for this training is that the dog has completed the basic obedience.




Space secure

With the rise of crime many people turn to dogs to protect their space and they are not wrong. There are not many people who will try to enter a house seeing or hearing an angry dog, risking being bitten.

In this program our dog learns to guard and defend your space preventing any intruder from entering it. This space can be either an open space (garden / business space) or an apartment.

Generally in security tasks our goal is to create a dog perfectly balanced and organized without being aggressive for no reason. Such a dog is completely friendly with his family members and wary of strangers.